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Welcome to RODDIE Inc. We are an original equipment manufacturer based out of Northwest Montana, specializing in the design and manufacture of trenchless pipe bursting equipment and horizontal directional drills.

Roddie Inc. began as an underground contractor in San Jose, California. Then called H&H Company, they developed the first static pipe bursting machine on a project for Siemens Corporation in the early 1990’s.

Over the years this machine evolved into what you see today.

In 2011 we opened our doors to the world as a manufacturer of trenchless equipment, continually developing other cutting edge trade secret tools for the trenchless industry. Our goal is to help you increase your profit margins as a contractor in the same way that our Pipe Bursting System and HDD Drills have done for our contracting divisions in California and Montana.


Our equipment in use:

What customers are saying about us

Viking Sewer & Drain, Inc.

Our experience with Roddie has been absolutely excellent. Their product is solid, and they know their products well, from the front desk on back.
Each time I have called I have been dealt with professionally and in a friendly manner, and every question has been dealt with quickly and professionally. Thank you!

Tom Carlisle

Great little company to buy from! Their people deserve a pat on the back. Equipment is professionally built and well thought out!

Dave Stevenson

I have done about 6 jobs since purchasing our R~2 two months ago. The people at Roddie are always helpful and friendly everytime I have questions. This is great equipment and very user friendly. I am still amazed everytime I do a job at how great this equipment is and my customers love it too. Thank you for helping us grow our company.